SoundsCreative Ensemble: Who, what and why?

The connections made in SoundsCreative Ensemble are social, they’re musical, but also, they’re about the young people connecting in a new way to their own instrument
— Tara Franks

With half term again around the corner, and our Neighbourhood Project SoundsCreative Ensemble returning to Arts and Media School Islington, we share this film made by the wonderful Magali Charrier. The film shows the SoundsCreative Ensemble process, how each workshop begins and grows, the types of social, musical and individual connections that are made, and what happens when you bring together musicians that are not from the same world.

In the film young musicians explain why they enjoy SoundsCreative Ensemble so much, what makes it different from other groups and orchestras they have played with.

We also meet some of the Connected Artists that co-lead the workshops, including Fernando Machado from Brazilian inspired ensemble Lambrego, who explains that the freedom of the SoundsCreative Ensemble approach means ‘“[the young musicians] are not trying to play the right note at the right time, there’s this other approach that gives you more intimacy with your instrument.”

Calling all young musicians, aged 8 -14! Half term is coming. If you’re still looking for things to do and would like to travel the creative journey of SoundsCreative Ensemble, come along.

This term the workshop will be led by Filipe Sousa, creative workshop leader and member of the Quest Ensemble. Filipe will be working alongside cellist and composer Tara Franks, founder and creative director of SoundsCreative Projects, and Palestinian oud virtuoso Saied Silbak.

For more information and to book in advance visit our What’s On page here.

SoundsCreative Projects Co-Conspirator