Big & small

A cross-generational jam

Big & Small is a workshop that brings together big, small, professional, aspiring and rusty musicians of all ages into one space for a cross-generational jam as the Big & Small band.

During the workshop, together we devise a new piece of music from scratch using instruments you bring along, your voice and/or percussion. Come and have fun making music with musicians of all ages, experiences and abilities. Everyone welcome from age 8 up.

We run 2 variations of the Big & small workshop:

Big & small - Beat it!  and  Big & small - instrumental


Musicians big and small say...

“It was so cool and inspiring to work with professionals. I loved every minute and looking forward to do it again soon”  (Small drummer)

"I enjoyed the ambiance and felt really comfortable"   (Big guitar player)

“I'll recommend this to anyone who wants to gain confidence"  (Big bass player)

When and Where?

Big & Small workshops are often delivered in partnership with other neighbourhood organisations. Past workshops have been part of the Vortex Summer School and the Dalton Children’s Festival.  

For details of upcoming workshops, please keep an eye on our What's on page.


Check out previous creations...

The Big & small band put down their own instruments and performed a drumming piece they put together in an afternoon as part of the Dalston Children's' Festival, in Dalston Square.

However dusty, however rusty, whether aspiring, or wanting to inspire....  get your musical instrument out and come and join the Big&small band!