Schools and Young Musicians

Encouraging creativity through collaborative composition and song writing


We have worked with a variety of primary and secondary schools and youth based organisations to co-create projects that explore new collaborative ways for young people to engage with sound. Projects may explore language through music making,  use song writing to engage with a selected theme or curriculum topic, or explore new creative processes to encourage a new connection with a young player and their instrument.


Some current and past commissions include:


Painters of Sound with National Orchestra for All

We are currently working with the National Orchestra for All on a co-created project bringing creative composition and new experimental performance processes to the years programme. Forming part of the Summer 2016 - Spring 2017 programme 'Painters of Sound'  this project involves a collective of  SC connected artists both visual and musical (Quest Ensemble and Somang Lee) working with the young players from NOFA.  Over the Winter sessions weekend course  the young players worked with Quest Ensemble to create new music and explore improvisation techniques in response to the visual art of Somang Lee.  The music created with Quest Ensemble will then be re-arranged by NOFA's composer in residence to perform again in the Spring performance at Ambika P3 alongside Quest and Somang.

This project is Arts Council funded.


Sunland Express with Sunland School of the Arts, Mexico City

SoundsCreative creative director Tara Franks has been working with the Sunland School of the Arts team since 2009 when together they launched their first song writing project in San Mateo (Sierra Nevada Schools) working with around 120 young students.  Incorporating creative leader training sessions and a mentoring programme for musicians,  as well as the song writing workshops, the project involved creating a song cycle with the students around a chosen theme.  This project has continued to grow year on year and is now an integral part of Sunland's community work.


Songs in Time & Music Ignite

SoundsCreative has been commissioned to lead many song writing and creative whole school projects in a variety of Primary schools since 2010.  

These range from bespoke projects that aim to bring alive the musical potential of a whole school community to creating song cycles around a chosen curriculum theme. Examples include: The Tempest,  The Wind Garden (children's book), The Silk Road (children's book) and The City from the Sky (using the view from the roof top playground as the starting inspiration).

We have co-created and led projects with schools across London, Essex and Oxfordshire.


The Ark: A Positive Vision of a Low Carbon Future

In 2010 SoundsCreative's founder Tara was invited to be part of a team of Scientists and Artists to collaborate on a project across 10 Oxfordshire Primary schools. The Ark was imagined and coordinated by Oxford based organisation CIAO!   

Bringing together a team of musicians (including Jack Ross and Heather Trusdall) , we worked with Willowcroft Primary School, Didcot,  to lead a song writing project using the students subject knowledge of our world's changing climate (from sessions with the particpating scientist) as a stimulus for the starting point to compose from.  The whole project culminated in an exhibition/performance of the childrens' work on a newly built Ark situated outside the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.