Creative Training


We are commissioned to run training sessions which explore new creative processes and building connections in a collaborative environment.  We work with teachers,  fellow artists and businesses to facilitate sessions that are playful, responsive and collaborative.  Training sessions may focus on themes such as Collaboration and improvisation, Conjuring Creativity or Seeds for songwriting. 


Some recent commissions include:


A.N.D School INSET training

SoundsCreative's founder Tara Franks was invited by cultural producers Nimble Fish to form part of their artist team to devise and lead a series of creative training sessions funded by A New Direction.

These day long INSETs are designed to give teachers time and space to experience new creative approaches and reflect on how they can embed these into their practice.  Tara led 2 sessions in response to the morning INSETS with Poet Nick Makoha and theatre maker Katharine Marwick.



International Arts Education workshop training - with Korean Arts and Culture Services

In Autumn 2015 SoundsCreative was invited to Korea by government organisation KACES to lead training sessions with teaching artists from across the country. Tara Franks (creative director) and Preetha Narayanan (SC connected artist) led a series of sessions focused on  'connecting people through creative musical experiences' .  Through practical workshops and lectures they explored the processes and methodology of SoundsCreative. The week also involved a workshop with one of KACES supported schools and their parents/teachers.