Connecting Communities

Commissioned projects that connect mixed communities of all ages


We work with local councils, cultural and fellow arts organisations to design projects which bring a space alive with people and sound, or use a creative process to connect and engage a new community of people.  Projects are frequently cross-generational, site-specific and involve a mixed team of SoundsCreative connected artists..


Some past projects include:


Rhythm Sticks and Singing Stories

Discover the Arts in Hackney.jpg
Discover the Arts in Hackney 2.jpg

Rhythm Sticks and Singing Stories was a 2015 Arts Council funded project, commissioned by Hackney Libraries to engage the local community in the arts.  

SoundsCreative was invited to design a series of family-friendly interactive workshops for a mixed cultural and generational audience and deliver these in Hackney’s two main libraries. 

The workshops focused on drumming and collective song writing and were set up with a flexible, responsive structure in order to allow participants to come and go or engage throughout.


Sense of Place

Sense of Place was a 2009 community engagement development project in Birmingham delivered by a team of artists, architects and community planners, as part of a regeneration consultancy scheme.

Working with Jenni Burnel from Architecture San Frontieres, SoundsCreative’s founder Tara Franks co-devised and led the Sight and Sound workshop in Rookery Primary School as part of the project.  The workshop involved a series of creative activities - including song writing to engage the children in a discussion about their aspirations for their neighbourhood in order to inform the regeneration process. The Sense of Place project was awarded a High Recommendation: Innovation of Arts in Development – Homes and Communities Awards 2010.

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