Connecting Communities

Commissioned projects that connect mixed communities of all ages


These projects are about bringing a space alive with people and sound, or using a creative process to connect and engage a new community of people. They are cross-generational, site-specific and involve a mixed team of SoundsCreative connected artists.

We are particularly interested in working in public spaces and forging links with new communities through housing associations and other cultural organisations.


Some past projects include:


Rhythm Sticks and Singing Stories

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Discover the Arts in Hackney 2.jpg

An Arts Council funded project, commissioned by Hackney Libraries, engaging the community in the Arts. 

In 2015 SoundsCreative was invited to design and delivery a series of family friendly interactive workshops. These workshops were designed to engage a mix cultural and generational audiences within the open community space of Hackneys two main libraries. 

The workshops designed involved drumming and collective song writing and were set up with a flexible, responsive structure in order to allow participants to come and go or engage throughout.


Sense of Place

In 2009 SoundsCreative's founder Tara Franks was invited to be part of a team of artists, architects and community planners including the acclaimed Community Development specialist Nabeel Hamdi and innovative organisations Multistory and Architects Sans Frontieres, to take part in a community engaged development project in Birmingham.

Working with Jenni Burnel from Architecture San Frontieres, Tara co-devised and led the Sight and Sound workshop in Rookery Primary School Birmingham. The workshop involved a series of creative activities, including song writing to engage the children in a discussion about their aspirations for their neighbourhood in order to inform the regeneration process.

   * SoP received a High Recommendation: Innovation of Arts in Development – Homes and Communities Awards 2010

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