Imagined in 2011 by cellist Tara Franks, SoundsCreative Projects is a social enterprise that gathers people of all ages together through playful, quality, energetic musical experiences.  Our Neighbourhood and Conjure Your Own projects connect professional musicians and artists, with people of all ages, big and small, and focus on collaboration and creativity, whether that is making a new piece of music from scratch, writing a song as a group, singing and dancing or playing anything you can find as a percussion instrument!

SoundsCreative Projects Overview

Our vision

With a fierce belief that for the wellbeing and empathy of individuals and communities we need more opportunities to play and connect face to face, SoundsCreative Projects is interested in using music and the arts to develop lived experiences. Group musical experiences    are a perfect way to create these kinds of collective environments with space for collaboration and interaction. Not to forget the immense physical and emotional benefits musical activities can have on every individual, and the important social impact this can have from individual to group. Our vision is all about the conversations that grow and real-life connections that build through playing together.

We believe that small seeds lead to big ideas. This applies both in the process of creating music collaboratively, and in the cumulative impact of each connection made. Ours is a small change ethos which we apply to how we work and who we work with:

  • Stating our workshops with a small seed of an idea that the group develops collectively
  • Building networks of like minded people
  • Working with a pool of talented connected artists
  • Collaborating with other like-minded organisations and bring something greater than the sum of its parts to any community
  • Striving to be a catalyst for change in our neighbourhoods


Our values


A social enterprise

SoundsCreative Projects is a non profit organisation. Any income earned from Neighbourhood Projects and Conjure Your Own Projects, goes back into growing the enterprise, and promoting our social vision.

At SoundsCreative we want our musical experiences to be open to everyone, and we work with partner organisations to provide subsidised access to our Neighbourhood Projects.

Tara Franks