Conjure Your Own Projects

Commissioned, co-created projects around a new space or community of people


SoundsCreative's Conjure Your Own projects are co-created with a commissioning body.  We work with schools, arts and cultural organisations and councils. We work to the needs of the commissioning organisation and participants, and co- design a unique and collaborative musical experience for every project.

We like teaming up with like minded arts and cultural organisations to run playful, responsive and collaborative projects that unite people and place.  

We share our skills through creativity training workshops with teachers, fellow artists and businesses. 

We work with young people - both musicians and non musicians - to encourage creativity through collaborative composition and songwriting


If you like the sound of one of our Neighbourhood Projects, we can bring the process to you.


Whatever the aim, whoever the people, we can create an experience that inspires and brings a group together.  Our vision - to encourage new dialogues, restore connections, or simply to bring a space alive with people and sound.


Find out more about some of our past commissions...

    The process:


    Over an initial meeting we work with you to identify the main objectives of the project.

    Who do you want to connect?  Where do you want these connections to grow?  Why do you want these new connections to be built?


    We co-create the structure of the project and gather together an innovative team of artists who then facilitate the creative process. 


    We collaboratively create the music & sound with the participants during the workshops. The process is always responsive and allows room for dialogues and connections to grow throughout.


    We are keen to review the process at the end of each project and gather feedback from participants to present to commissions.


    Although the Conjure Your Own projects are one-off commissions, the vision is for longer lasting connections to develop and grow with the national and international organisations with whom we work.


    Past and current commissioners

    We have conjured projects locally and internationally for commissioners including...


    If you are interested in commissioning a project, do get in touch.