What's it all about?

SoundsCreative Projects is a Hackney based social enterprise that gathers people of all ages together through playful, inventive, energetic musical experiences. Placing professional musicians and artists alongside big people, small people and passers by; our local workshops, classes and gigs - the Neighbourhood Projects - and bespoke Commissioned Projects with arts, community and cultural organisations, aim to connect, inspire and bring joy to all those who take part.

Whether making a new piece of music from scratch, writing a song as a group, singing and dancing or playing anything we can find as a percussion instrument, all the projects are about creating something collectively.  

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The backstory 

What started as a seed of an idea; a local project set up after noticing the overwhelming amount of Bugaboo buggies in the local area, a commission to write a song cycle with a class of young people, and another to design and run a project that helped ignite creative activity in a local primary school, has grown into what is now SoundsCreative Projects - a burgeoning social enterprise that specialises in bringing people together through sound.

"In the spirit of the ethos ‘Think global, act local’ I started small in my home hub of Hackney and Islington. The vision is for the ideas, connections and experiences to spread further afield both bit by bit, nationally and internationally!" - Founder - cellist and composer Tara Franks

From small seeds to big ideas

We currently run a collection of 5 regular Neighbourhood Projects in Hackney. We have been commissioned to run bespoke projects with schools, youth orchestras, arts centres, councils and cultural organisations both in London and abroad. We consult with other neighbourhoods/organisations to help them set up and create their own experiences (Neighbourhood Projects) and run training sessions for fellow artists, teachers and even businesses to encourage creativity and collaboration.



We Value

Fun - the importance of this in life
Play - whatever your age
Quality – sharing and making quality art with all ages
Collaboration- its power to sustain and have a positive impact on societies
Inventiveness – valuing experimentation, encouraging new ideas and being flexible and responsive to every moment as you arrive in it
Connections - the power of building real-life face to face interactions
Creativity – everyone’s ability and need to express themselves


Friends, partners & supporters

SoundsCreative Projects is a non-profit organisation. We want the musical experiences to be open to everyone, and are building partnerships with local organisations to provide funds for subsidised places at the Neighbourhood Projects. We are proud to work with and receive support from some great organisations and networks across the arts, culture and community sector.