What's it all about?

Imagined in 2011 by cellist Tara Franks, SoundsCreative Projects is a social enterprise that gathers people of all ages together through playful, quality, energetic musical experiences. 

We run a series of local Neighbourhood Projects and are commissioned to concoct and run bespoke Conjure Your Own projects. We work with people of all ages and stages, big and small. We focus on collaboration and creativity, whether that is making a new piece of music from scratch, writing a song as a group, singing and dancing or playing anything you can find as a percussion instrument!  We aim to create environments that are fun, playful and responsive. Projects and workshops are led by a growing collective of professional musicians and artists.


Why we believe it's important 

With a fierce belief that for the wellbeing and empathy of individuals and communities we need more opportunities to play and connect face to face, SoundsCreative Projects is interested in using music and the arts to develop lived experiences.  Group musical experiences are a perfect way to create collective environments with space for collaboration and interaction.  Our vision is all about the conversations that grow and real-life connections that build through playing together.

We believe that small seeds lead to big ideas. This applies both in the process of creating music collaboratively, and in the cumulative impact of each connection made. Ours is a small change ethos which we apply to how we work and who we work with:

  • Starting our workshops with a small seed of an idea that the group develops collectively
  • Building networks of like minded people
  • Working with a pool of talented connected artists
  • Collaborating with other like-minded organisations and bring something greater than the sum of its parts to any community
  • Striving to be a catalyst for change in our neighbourhoods


Who's involved

The SoundsCreative concept was concocted by the vision and enthusiasm of Tara Franks, who believes everything in life stems from who we meet, the unexpected conversations we develop, the random opportunities we jump on, and the experiences we encounter by walking a different route whenever possible -  whether 2 or 82 we all have something inherent that music taps into.

Tara is a cellist, composer, creative project leader, and creative director of SoundsCreative Projects, which she started building in 2011. Originally classically trained, Tara studied cello performance at Leeds University, and later undertook an MMus in Leadership at Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Having also trained and worked as a KS2 teacher, Tara combines her skills, experience and beliefs in SoundsCreative Projects, to develop quality musical experiences. Tara’s work is about people, space and interaction and she uses music as a tool to bring these together.


Connected artists

Alongside Tara there is a growing network of professional artists who underpin the artistic spirit and integrity of SoundsCreative Projects. We can grow and share our projects thanks to these musicians and artists who work across the industry as performers, writers and arrangers. Our connected artists act as workshop leaders, performers at our curated concerts, and as collaborators on our Conjure Your Own projects, each bringing their individual knowledge to help create unique musical experiences.  All connected artists have their own practice, collaborations & performances as well as growing inter linked professional dialogues.






A social enterprise

SoundsCreative Projects is a non profit organisation. Any profits generated from the Neighbourhood Projects and Conjure Your Own Projects, feed back into the growing enterprise, promoting our social vision.   At SoundsCreative we want our musical experiences to be open to everyone, and we work with partner organisations to provide subsidised access to our neighbourhood projects.

Friends, partners & supporters

We are very happy to collaborate with and receive support from some great partner organisations and networks across the arts, culture and community sector. 

SoundsCreative Projects is a member of the Dalston Children's Network and part of the Hackney Roots social enterprise community and supported by:

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